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I'm TheMatiaz0 from KronewGames. I was working on the game for 4 months alone, a month after the start of work I made a website on Gamejolt, where I published the first devlog about the game. I know that overall quality does not overwhelm too much. I hope you like it. Especially please send me any suggestions about the game or any bugs found during the game. Thank you in advance.

So, what is Project Strange?

It's action-packed puzzle game about computer science that can become dangerous!

With k_OS or LackNet (two operating systems) you have the task of decrypting files by Decrypter - software.

Destroy servers, create internet connections, play game based on bugs similar to Geometry Dash - there are plenty of possibilities.

Experience a hacker attack, experience great visual effects.

Will you find out what is Project Strange - the title project left by Ethan and what is behind it?

Game ON!



Project Strange (.exe setup) 166 MB
Mar 06, 2018
Project Strange (.rar version) 167 MB
Mar 06, 2018

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