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The Plant is your last chance. Survive in the abandoned city and grow the plant to keep the promise you gave to your grandad. Do not let the Infected kill you. Take care of the plant.


Made for Extra Credits Game Jam #6 (https://itch.io/jam/extra-credits-game-jam-6) - the theme was "Take Care".
Extra Challenges applied: "Social Distancing" - stay away from the infected.

Me and infected boys

Thanks a lot for hosting the game jam. :)


- WSAD: Movement

- Space: Jump

- Hold E: Interaction

- Right Mouse Button: Use selected item

- Q: Drop item

Game made by:

- Mateusz "TheMatiaz0" Kusionowicz - Game Programmer, Cutscene Director, Voice Actor.

Jakub L. - Game Programmer, UI Designer.

- Filip L.- Game Programmer, Cutscene Director.

David Ly - 3D Graphics Designer, Voice Actor.

Justyna "Juice Tea" Kryścio - Sound Designer, Musician.

Special thanks to:

- Biegus for Cyberultimate package.

Install instructions

1. Unzip the downloaded "TheLastPlant.zip" file (you can use 7zip or winrar for that).

2. Launch the "The Last Plant.exe"


The Last Plant (1.2.0).rar 106 MB

Development log